Breaking Up Advice – For Those Still Love Their Ex

Do you miss those great times together? Looking for some good recovery or breaking up advice to save a relationship? Well, life will have to continue without your ex even though you are still in love with them. At this point most people will start to move on, but if you really miss them so much, then consider using some strategy to get them back. In either way, help is out there.

If the decision is to move on, then the type of help needed will depend on how bad the situations are before the breakup. If your relationship ended in a crisis and left you with a lot of emotional stress, then definitely you will require plenty of time to get over the feelings.

It is okay to be slack after a breakup, but don’t let yourself go down for too long. Take good care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising and getting enough rest. If you have been tossed around recently and think that you still love him or her, then all these things I have just mentioned are even more critical. You’re going to maintain a good, healthy look if there is a chance to get back together later. For the meantime, relax and don’t punish yourself for any wrong decision made.

Although you still have strong feelings towards them, you should realize that taking care of them is no longer your responsibility. Now, you should just focus on treating yourself well. If you think that talking to a counselor can help to put the entire relationship into perspective, then do it soon. At this point you will probably be emotional unstable and feeling vulnerable. The sooner you restore your eroded self-esteem and direction, the better it is.

If the type of advice you’re looking for is to recover from a breakup, then it is important to do some of the things highlighted above. You should also deploy a strategy to bring you back to the previous starting point where you can give the relationship a new chance.

So, the steps are:

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Talk to a counselor if needed
  3. Let go of your partner for a couple of weeks
  4. Regain self-esteem / direction

Once you have gone through the initial recovery phase, start contacting your ex again, and request for a talk. Meet at a place that is conducive and neutral, and be sure to remain calm throughout the meeting. Explain to him or her that you’ve had time to think and that you’re still having feelings for them. Ask if he or she is interested to give the relationship a second chance to make it work. Pay special attention to what they said. While you may not agree with all their points, you need to hear them out.

Then, give them the time to consider and wait for their call. The decision can go in either way. This advice won’t guarantee anything, but it will help to give the relationship a best shot so that you won’t have to continue to beat yourself up.

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