Boyfriend Dumped Me – How will I ever survive?

If you’re feeling miserable and asking, “Why my boyfriend dumped me? What am I going to do now?” Well, your relationship has broken apart, but it doesn’t mean that you are a broken person.

You will probably have two kinds of fears to deal with right now. You worry that no one is going to love you anymore, and you don’t know if you can survive through the ordeal.

Yes! The fear and the pain are all real, but be hopeful and confident. Although one episode of your life has ended, your whole life is not. Another new chapter is just awaiting you.

There are friends and family who love you, and this is the best chance to spend more time with them. We often lose touch with the people who care about us when we are in a relationship. This is a good opportunity to connect with them again.

When you start to share your loss with them, they may also expose their past experiences when being dumped by someone. You will soon realize that your situation is not unique. Many others have been through similar situation and they survived. They all found new love and lived complete lives today.

While having the additional time to spend on people who you care about, now you also have spare time to review some of the longstanding things in life. Often when you are too involving with someone, those activities that you wish to do were kept aside because your partner wasn’t interested in doing those stuffs. No other time is better than now to take up some of these activities.

If there is no specific event to pursue, think about starting a new hobby. Consider enrolling yourself in a class, or work shop. If you feel like taking part in ballroom dancing, or outdoor activities, or even joining a scrapbooking or parachuting class, take the challenge as this allows you to meet lots of new friends who know how to enjoy life.

When you start occupying yourself and engaging with other people, you will have less time to think about your own problem. While meeting new people with common interests, you may even find someone special who you would like to spend most of your time together with. Besides, you can also consider doing some charity work.

Your soul mate is some way out there, and you will definitely find a new boyfriend to go out again. Thanks to your ex as he has reopened the door for you to find someone who suits you better. And the best revenge when get dumped is to move on with a better life.

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