Best Way Recovering from a Breakup

You probably want to see that person one minute and feel to kill them the next. This is expected when you are trying to get over someone. So, are you looking for a proven, or a fastest, or a best way of recovering from a breakup? Well, all situations are unique, and so there is no best solution that works for any single relationship.

When mourning over someone who has passed on, there are different stages of grief that the family will have to go through. In fact, in a breakup situation you are also required to go through some steps to get over that person. A woman whose first husband died in a car accident and her second partner spilt up with her have shared her experience that it is indeed tougher to recover from a breakup than to suffer the death of her late husband. Part of the reasons is that there is plenty of societal support when someone passed on. You literally have to do it all alone when getting over a breakup.

The first thing is to pour out all your feelings and emotions towards your ex in a piece of paper. Write down all the good experiences the two of you have had together, list the reasons why you fall for them, and describe your feelings about the breakup. You can emote in this letter because no one will ever read it. It will be burnt always later. There isn’t any ritual that people use to wrap up a relationship, but this will certainly be a great help for your emotional recovery process.

When a relationship has ended, it is common for couple to arrange a time to exchange things. You are likely to have some items of theirs at your home, and they have got your stuff at theirs. Both people would probably want to have these things back. So, plan a time for the exchange. There may be some items that your former partner does not want them back. You can either throw them away or store them up. Don’t leave anything in your house that can remind you of them while you are trying very hard to get over someone. If there is any gifts that came from your ex such as a photo frame or a watch, store them away so that you won’t think of them each time when looking at the time or the photo in the frame.

Sometimes, couples may have some financial matters that need to be sorted out when the love is over. If you have a joint bank account, discuss with your ex how to divvy it up and then close it. If one partner owes the other person money, try to pay it off by taking a loan or using your own fund.

In order to get over that person, you need to close out everything that both people are sharing. When all these are done, have an agreement with them that there will be no communication for a month. It means no phone calls, text messages, emails, or running in to each other “by accident.” You may want to avoid going to places that both people used to go together. This allows the two of you to start building your own life.

When things begin to settle down, you can once again interact with them if needed. Give yourself plenty of space to go through this difficult period and to get over the breakup.

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