Is there a Best Way to Get Back at an Ex?

There isn’t a best way to get back at an ex because every relationship is different. Nevertheless there are steps you can follow to have a better chance to get back together.

Before you embark on your love restoration process, one all-important question you need to answer honestly is, “Should I save this relationship?”  Because of the lost and lonely feeling kicked in after a breakup, many people try to avoid the pain and want to get back together with their ex. This is surely not a good reason because doing this will only make you ignore the real causes of the problems that lead to the divide.

But, if you know the reasons of getting back together are genuine then it is time to try resolving the part that has caused the falling of the relationship. Try to use a good system from an expert to help. You are now limping with an injured leg, and obviously you don’t want to let this happen in your healing process. So, make sure you have a good plan to start with.

Although each case is unique, here are 3 steps that can apply to most situations.

1. Date another person
I know this may sound crazy, and you would say that “I’m not ready for another relationship.” But, when trying to win back an ex, this is a useful approach. The purpose is not to quickly find a new partner and jump right back into a full-scale romance, but the keyword is “just for dating”.

Having a date at this point serves two purposes. One is that when you’re dating someone else, your mind will be temporary distracted from your ex. If you are thinking about the new date or new person more often then your former partner, then this is an indication that you may want to consider moving on.

The other purpose is to let yourself to have some room to do a reflection on your current relationship. When comparing it to the new one, it provides you ideas for the next course of actions.

2. Understand what caused the breakdown
You can only work on preventive measures if you understand what went wrong previously. Otherwise you won’t be able to fix it and the history will repeat. Therefore, before getting back again, it is important to identify what were the things you didn’t do well so that you can make changes and avoid those causes that make the relationship collapsed.

3. Don’t rush and pester them
The relationship did not break in a day. So, don’t expect thing will change overnight. You have to move slowly. Take this as a brand new relationship and allow things to move on their own pace. Nothing will push your ex moving farther away quickly if you pester them too much.

While this report gives you a head start on your love recovery process, you should read a couple of self-help books for more instruction and advice. Don’t stop looking for good approach to help you restore your love life back to the point before breakup. Good luck!

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