3 Warning Signs of a Bad Relationship

If you can spot the warning signs of a bad relationship, you can do a couple of things to prevent a spilt up from happening. Although every relationship is unique and different, the troubled symptoms you should look out for are often very similar. Here are a few warning signals that need to be addressed.

1) You’re being ignored by them.
Your ex may be still talking to you every day, but they have lost their interest in you. They will never ask how you do—perhaps they don’t care much about how you feel or where you are. When both of you meet at night, it is like two commuter trains passing by each other without any actual contact. If this explains your situation, some urgent work is definitely needed to restore your love life.

Start thinking hard and long why they are ignoring you? Is it that you’re too busy and have neglected them in the first place? Did you forget some special event or anniversary such as their birthday? Did you nag them too much? Are you less than loving recently? Or, did you not groom yourself enough? It has to be some reasons behind to make them behave in such a manner because everyone reacts to the things that they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes what have happened may be just their perceptions. Being a caring partner, you should keep your mind open listening to their opinions and make them feel happy.

Most couples don’t do well on communicating with each other. When we’ve just started a relationship, we want to talk to our partner day and night. After a while, the topics may be less and less, and we start to take things for granted and expect our partners will understand us. Why don’t you surprise your partner with a nice dinner and ask them how they feel about the relationship. Start talking to them and ask why they are grumpy. May be it will lead you to some reasons that you’ve been overlooking all this while.

2) They don’t want to go out with you or see you.
If your partner suddenly tells you that they are too busy, try to understand that warning indication. There is usually a reason behind the sudden change in behavior especially when they are avoiding you. Don’t be a coward. Find out from your partner why they behave like that. Don’t disregard these signals or else you can be one step closer in receiving a breakup message.

3) They put up a block in the bedroom.
Sex is a vital part of a healthy relationship because it will pull two people together to share feelings and emotions. Sometimes the life issues can hinder your lovemaking. I’m not suggesting that you should make love every day, but not having enough intimate relationship for a few months is definitely not normal. Don’t underestimate its influence and power, and what it can do to your love life.

Being a caring partner, you should know when they feel happy and when they aren’t. While their mood change may not cause by your actions, it is often a signal for issues are developing quietly.  Be sensitive to the warning signs of a falling relationship, and do something to curb it now before it is broken.

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